Twist and ReachJennifer Powell is the the owner of PilatesFun and was trained in classical Pilates by Allison Gonzalez of Purely Pilates. Allison Gonzalez is a certified teacher trainer through Power Pilates of New York City and a certified Pilates instructor through the New York Pilates Studio and a member of the Pilates Guild. The Pilates Guild required 600 hours of apprenticeship under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska, a devotee and pupil of Joseph Pilates, and her daughter Sari Pace.

Jenn began practicing Pilates in 2002 because she had back issues and wanted to strengthen her core. Once she realized the difference it made in her body, she decided to pursue a career in Pilates to help others with their health and wellness goals. She enjoys having fun with the workouts and gets as much enjoyment from teaching as performing her own Pilates practice. She received her Power Pilates comprehensive certification in 2008 after more than 600 hours of apprenticeship and rigorous testing and attends frequent continuing education workshops and training sessions with Allison Gonzalez, Shari Berkowitz and Bob Leikens, a master teacher of the Pilates method.

Prior to opening PilatesFun, Jenn spent two years teaching at Purely Pilates, a full-service, classical Pilates studio in the Bay area.

Joseph Pilates / Contrology

The Pilates method is named after its inventor, Joseph H. Pilates (1883-1967). German born Joseph Hubertus Pilates developed a revolutionary method of body conditioning called Contrology. In 1912, Mr. Pilates emigrated to England, working as a boxer and a circus performer. During World War I, he was interned in an enemy alien camp on the Isle of Mann, where he introduced his fitness regime to other prisoners. While many internees succumbed to depression, malnutrition, and suicide, Joseph Pilates created a method of movement using the mind to control the muscles. Once WW1 ended, he returned to Germany, training the Hamburg police in self-defense.

Eventually due to his dislike of the politics of the time, he decided to set out for America. During the voyage, he met Clara Zeuner, who later became his wife, Clara Pilates. Arriving in the United States, the two settled in New York City, opening a studio near Madison Square Garden, close to the boxers whom they trained. The essence of his physical fitness philosophy is documented in his writings, “Return to Life Through Contrology” and “Your Health.” Not only did Mr. Pilates develop the exercises that make up what is now called the “Pilates method,” but he also invented many unique pieces of equipment on which to perform his exercises.

This equipment utilizes springs for resistance and include the Universal Reformer, Wunda Chair, High (Electric) Chair, Trap Table (or Cadillac), Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ped-O-Pul, Foot Corrector, and Magic Circle. Power Pilates teaches the Classical Method of Pilates, a systematic, integrative approach that closely adheres to how Joseph Pilates created his Method of Contrology. Power Pilates is the standard in Pilates education and oversees comprehensive training programs internationally.