β€œI have been training for many years now and consider myself to be very active. I have worked with many instructors and trainers in various group workouts, including yoga, crossfit and many boot camps. I always wanted to try Pilates, but did not know where to go for a GREAT Pilates instructor until I met Jenn. After my first session with her, I could feel what Pilates would do for my body. Jenn explained each movement to me and was so great in taking the time to make sure I understood what I was doing, and that I was doing each movement properly. I didn't think Pilates would be such a tough workout, boy was I wrong. It was harder than most classes I have taken. Jenn's classes give me an incredible workout, and I felt great. Like I said before, I have worked with many instructors, and you can tell when someone has a passion and love for what they do, especially in the fitness industry, and Jenn has that. She loves teaching Pilates. She makes me want to push harder. I highly recommend trying a class with Jenn. You will leaving there feeling GREAT!”


β€œIn the past two years, I have completely redefined my body by working with Jenn. She tailors each workout to my needs and isn't afraid to make me use the magic circle.”


“I signed up for personal training classes with Jenn Powell when I realized that I was having problems (mostly with my back) with simple, routine tasks like vacuuming, carrying my laptop case for long periods or even just spending a day walking a tradeshow. Jenn took the time to get to know me, my body and my goals and she modified a program to specifically fit my strength level, taking things slowly to insure that I understood proper form and to insure my health and safety and when I advanced she challenged me to keep going. It was a truly amazing experience to see and feel my strength improve session after session. My success and increased strength motivated me to keep coming back for more. What started out as a once a week session quickly became two, then three times a week. I loved taking Pilates with Jenn. I lost inches and pant sizes without that being my prime motivator. In addition, I melted away a lot of stress and always left the studio feeling so much better than when I walked in. I highly recommend Jenn as a Pilates Instructor and personal trainer to anyone looking to invest in their body, mind and overall well-being.”


"I have had the opportunity to work with a number of different trainers over the years all having great impact on my body. But Jenn is different - Jenn takes what she knows about Pilates and completely personalizes it for you, your goals, your body and your needs. I've been with Jenn for 2 years, meeting her first when I wanted to get back in shape after having our son. Now she is the reason I am slowly recovering from the "bad posture" that plagues most of us when lugging kids and toys around. Her studio is completely equipped for any workout she thinks you need and no workout is ever the same which I love. Jenn has an amazing personality and it is always fun to train with her. The time is intense and while sometimes I am begging it to end - the next day I can't wait to get back for more. There are alot of trainers out there but the individual focus you get from Jenn is unmatched and you will grow to love Pilates as a key reason you are happy and healthy and looking great as the ultimate bonus!"


“I am a person who avoids gyms and is intimidated by the thought. With her home studio, Jenn has created a relaxed and comfortable environment. She is an expert in her craft and a patient, caring instructor. With Jenn’s supervision and coaching, we have succeeded in improving both my strength and flexibility. In a word, she is amazing.”